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Applicator BS-1164

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Product Code:BS-1164
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There are different types of restraining equipments used to restrain animals. This is very helpful in handling extremely dangerous animals like bulls and horses. A restrain is being placed to an animal for different purpose. It may be due to aggressive behavior or can also be due to surgical or accident remedy. An example of restraining equipment is the nose pincers. It is also called as a bull tamer. The size is 11 cm. it also comes in 16.5 cm. The size of the bull tamer varies depending on the size of an animal that you are going to restrain. Harms restraining equipment is a forged steel type. This is basically use for cattle and bull. A bull holder is a special type of restraining equipment. Nuesch restraining equipment is a special type restrain. This is use for holding or controlling the pig. It works by simply paralyzing the pig. The pig is usually paralyzed for the process of inoculation. The basic size is 24 cm or 9.5 inches. The wire noose pig holder is made of a rope as well as stainless steel. This is also referred as an inoculation rope. It is approximately 58 cm long. The Luxa nose ring is restraining equipment made of polished steel. The inside diameter is 2 inches. It has a safety screw detail with an overlapping point. It pierced the septum using the spilt ring. It has a steady and smooth cutting action. It leaves a tiny wound, but is less painful. Among the other useful and beneficial type of restraining veterinary instruments are heads cutting grasping forceps, mouth gags, plated veterinary ring especially made for the nose, nose rings, steel bull holder, bull nose holder pincer especially made of stainless steel, the lacquered use for pigs, and strub. Those are just some of the useful restraining instruments use for animals.