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Adson BS-1196

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Self retaining restrain instruments are very ideal in caring for wild and dangerous animals. They are very helpful in proving care and rendering medical and surgical treatment for animals. The most ideal type is the self retaining retractors. There are different self retaining retractors like Finsen which is a 7 cm in size, Alm, Weitlaner, Adson, and Collin. Self retaining twitches are very helpful in putting the animals calm, especially the horse. It is the most important factor being used in the process of confining the horse that has a standing posture. Every practicing veterinarian relies on the twitch to confine horses. This is the instrument use during the ancient times. However, the use of twitch is kind of brutal, but it is mostly used to prevent the veterinarian or surgeon from acquiring an injury. The twitch is being applied on the upper lip, but it can also be placed on the lower lip and ears. It works by gently diverting the animal’s attention by simply compressing the lower lip’s sensory nerve. There are different types of twitch, but the cheaper type is stick twitch and ordinary rope. There are also iron chain, and ball twitch. Gag is another form of self restraint for animals. In the ancient time it is widely used. However, in today’s time the use of gag is very minimal. Examples of gag are the rope and loop gag. The long stick gag is also useful. The barnacles are made of materials like wood and metal. It is composed of a two piece hinged together. It functions the same as the twitch and gag. However, the effect is more serious. Hence, one should be very careful in using the barnacles. The intensity of using it will greatly depend on the veterinarian’s discretion. There are other types of self retaining restraints, but these are the common type.