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Dieffenbach Bulldog Clump BS-07-22124

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Product Code:BS-07-22124
Product Art No: BS-07-22124 Size: 1 1/2" (38 mm) Description:


Vascular forceps are part of the tools and instruments which are used by surgeons all the time. These forceps are an important part of the tool kit and are used not only in the operating room but are available in the emergency room as well as an ambulance. Paramedics are also taught to use these in case an emergency were to occur requiring the use of this instrument. Vascular forceps are available in a variety of size. Size A is mainly for arteries whereas V is suitable for veins. These forceps come in black color or are frosted. Size/option A which is suitable for arteries has a small turn at the end which is what makes it possible for use on arteries with thick walls. Option V on the other hand is intended for arteries which are thin walled and can even be used on all kinds of veins. Depending on the size of the Vascular forceps, the pressure can vary also. The clamps inside have a very high degree of friction resistance which makes it possible to have a firm grip on the vessels when being used. When these are produced, ten times the magnification is used. Hence it is suggested that when forceps are being used, a size which falls in the middle of the vessel diameter should be opted for. Vascular forceps which come in a single clamp are perfect to use when there is not enough space whereas clamps which have an approximator are great to be used on a standard basis. The pressure of each of these forceps can also be adjusted in an electronic fashion and after the manufacturing of these forceps take place, they can be tested to ensure that they are precise and perfect for use. These however need to be well maintained and handled safely.

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