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Bishop-Harmann Fine & Fixation Forcep BS-04-16352

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Product Code:BS-04-16352

Type:Bishop-Harmann Fine & Fixation Forcep

Product Art No: BS-04-16352

Size: Size: 3 1/2" (9 cm)



Dressing Forceps When in the operating room, a variety of instruments are used by the surgeon. Dressing forceps are amongst the instruments which are made use of. Dressing forceps are used to hold dressings such as gauze. These are a very common tool and are hence found in a number of emergency rooms and emergency kits. There are many versions of these forceps which are available and companies which sell medical supplies provide these versions to hospitals. There are some Dressing forceps which cannot be used on humans and hence they are labeled so. Dressing forceps come in a variety alongside the classic forceps. Some may even look like tweezers with a blunt tip which allows it to have some degree of traction. Other than a tweezers-like look, some Dressing forceps may have handles similar to that of a scissor. The forceps can also be curved which are particularly helpful when a specific situation is being dealt with. There are many sizes available of these forceps also as people may use these for a variety of applications. Another reason behind the assortment of sizes is that surgeons and other medical staff who makes use of them would be having hands of different sizes and hence the assortment of sizes of these forceps would help each individual select the right one. Not only are Dressing forceps useful in holding gauze in place but this instrument is also used in pulling out tissue which may have become infected or died. Forceps are also used if a better view of the injury area is needed and/or if material needs to be removed from a wound. Hence, there are a whole lot of things for which these Dressing forceps can bcepse used and according to the situation; the best kind of Dressing forceps can be selected and used by the medical personnel.


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