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Plaster of Paris instrument

Plaster of Paris instrument is the orthopedic instrument that is used on the broken leg or limbs. It is a paste like mixture which is put on the skin where the bone is broken or fractured. It is used to care for the skin so that bone gets time to heal. Plaster of Paris in medical is also used in radiotherapy by the doctors to make immobilization cast for the patients. Such go to link orthopedic instrument consists of plaster bandages that were widely used in 1970 – 1980s to give support to the broken legs and arms or broken bones. Plaster of Paris instruments can be used in different ways, the doctors use cloth bandage and put Plaster of Paris on the part where the bone is broken. When it is removed after some weeks, the shape is lie the tube or cylinder. This type of process is known as orthopedic cast. The Plaster of Paris is not now a day’s more demanding in medical as it has been replaced by the fiberglass casting tape. The reason behind this is that fiberglass cast is waterproof and is light in weight that patients can easily carry. Whereas Plaster of Paris has the drawback it is neither waterproof and nor its weight is light. Such orthopedic instrument is difficult for patients to carry.

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The cost of Plaster of Paris instruments is much lower and is affordable by the patients. It is used as the temporary cast and in emergencies it is widely used in clinics. Another use of this instrument is doctors use it for fitting prosthetic limbs. The term Plaster of Paris instruments were first used in 1700s due to the huge gypsum amount in it. It is made of calcium gypsum, water and sand. One of the important uses is that it can be also used in the field of dentistry. Dentist use this for mounting cast or modal of oral tissues. These models are usually made from dental stone. The best company Blacksmith surgical is to provide the durable and quality instruments. Their quality is high and is highly recommended by various hospitals and doctors. The Plaster of Paris instrument is provided by them contains high quality orthopedic instrument material. The Plaster of Paris requires 48 hours to dry and when it is applied the patient should raise that part. Secondly it will cause irritation but patients should not itch with pens and other stuff.