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Micro Needle Holder

The surgical needles that are used in the process of neurosurgery need to be kept in the right places such that they don’t spill and get lost which might eventually result to pricking of other individuals causing a lot of harm and pain. The work of the micro needle holder therefore is in holding the tiny needles that are used in neurosurgical operations. As a requirement, the neurosurgery instrument should be used to effectively carry its function of installing the microsurgery needles. The equipments used in this function are quite many but the main features that are crucial for the manufacture of the instrument should be observed while getting one.

In neurosurgery, the needles that are needed are many and others are too small to be held with bare hands. The instruments therefore help in carrying these needles in a save and more convenient place that they can be traced fast when they are needed. Blacksmith is producing high quality micro needle holders for the save keeping of the needles tat are used in operation. This was introduced with a lot of research being done on the various neurosurgical operation instruments. The engineers have developed various designs for these holders and tested them on real circumstances to prove their suitability and effectiveness.

They found out that right measurements for the production of these instruments are round curved with measurements of about 110mm in diameter. They have a lock that is used in covering the needles that are contained in the holder. They must also posses a handle for carrying the holder. All these qualities have been provided by the blacksmith company to help in the surgical field. With effective safety of the needles then any neurosurgical centre or clinic should posses this micro needle holder.