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Love Nerve Retractor

This is an instrument that is used in general surgery. In neurosurgery the instrument is used in active division of the edges of surgical incision and holds back the underlying tissues and organs of the body. With this incision and use of the love Nerve retractor, the parts under the incision are exposed and can be accessed by the surgeon. Therefore this instrument is very vital in exposing the required tissues and organs that the surgery may be intended for. The tool is usually manufactured using stainless steel material to enhance their longevity and durability.

They are made in such a way that they have curved blade at the end and with a well fitted handle at one end to enable maintain the required position of a specific region of the body part that is being operated on. They are designed in various shapes and designs that are important in the process of surgery such that the process may be successful. Some are made in such a way that they do not need to be handheld by the surgeons but instead retain their positions once inserted in the tissues. This type of retractor is enhanced to carry out that function by possessing more than two blades that face in opposite direction and supported by a spring in order to pull in different directions opening the tissues which will be under examination.

Blacksmith has produced the best quality of this instrument to be used in clinical and hospital levels such that it helps in the life saving process. The tool works together with other tools such as the stille bone chisels and others to perfect the process of operation. Blacksmith has its standards for the production of these tools such as having the recommended size of 8.5” and angled at 90 degrees. At one end, the tool has 7mm blades that are used to cut through the soft tissue to expose the required parts.