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Lagenbeck Periosteal Elevator

To elevate and remove tissues or sunken part elevators are used. Elevator is a surgical instrument which is used for raising or lifting something from the surgery arena. It is mainly used in dental surgery for removing teeth or depressed bone parts. Langenbeck Periosteal Elevator is one kind of elevator which is made stainless steel invented by Lagenbeck and it is 7-8 inches narrow model with 7-8 mm wide blunt blade. This is one handled surgical instrument with a round blade is used to shift or elevate some hollow part in a surgery. Lagenbeck Periosteal Elevator is an essential apparatus in general and neurosurgery.

Lagenbeck Periosteal Elevator is a surgical instrument which is used in raise or lifts something. It has a handle and a blade on its head; the blade is the main or uses part of the elevator. The blade is used for lifting tissues, removing bony fragments, engaging teeth or roots to remove from their alveoli, elevate zygomatic bone etc. It is like as periosteum stripper. Surgeons feel comfort to use this apparatus because it is easy to handle and well controlled.

Well controlling and easy handling surgery instruments make an easy path to complete a successful surgery. Lagenbeck Periosteal Elevator is that type of surgical instrument which is easy controlled to remove or shift unwanted elements in a surgery. In neurosurgery a single sunken part makes a very big problem for a patient. In a neurosurgery it is very essential to shift or remove unnecessary elements. A Lagenbeck Periosteal Elevator helps to remove unnecessary tissue or vessel by using its spoon plate. Surgeons are used it by one hand it is very flexible for shifting any redundant tissue or elements. The spoon plate/blade is used to remove anything and long handle makes it flexible uses. Without any elevator or micro elevator it is quite impossible to complete an operation.

Neurosurgery is a very sensitive and accurate operation than other operation. So, a Lagenbeck Periosteal Elevator is an important instrument in a neurosurgery. In a neurosurgery good finishing and high quality apparatus are needed. Blacksmith surgery is a promising name of the surgical instruments area. Blacksmith surgical provides very modern and high quality surgical instrument for neurosurgery. So, it is the best place for get high quality Lagenbeck Periosteal Elevator.