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Frazier suction Tube

This is a medical tool that was invented by Michael Frazier and named after him. The instrument is usually used in any medical surgery to help in the suction process at the place of operation. There are contents in the operation wound that require to be got rid of during an operation for clear view by the surgeon therefore calling for the right instrument to be used alongside other operation tools. The instrument that has been approved to be fit for that purpose is the Frazier Suction Tube.

The tube usually acts like a pump that offers suction force thus siphoning the materials out of the operation area. The materials if left to accumulate will cause distraction to the surgeon which may hinder the process of surgery. During any operation, the surgery wound needs to be dry and clear for the surgeon to clearly observe the tissues and organs that the operation is intended for. This instrument is made in such a way that no various angled suction tubes are required as it comprises an adjustable tube that can be adjusted to take different shapes. This feature of the suction tube increases the usability of the product.

These high quality features of the suction tubes are developed by the Blacksmith Company that has done various researches concerning the surgical tools. The engineers have come up with various designs for the same instrument until they settled on this one that offers a high degree of usability rather than having several sets of differently angled instruments for the suction process. As a recommendation the parts of the instrument are made from stainless steel material to avoid rusting and thus improve the durability. The diameter for this tube is supposed to be very narrow in order to penetrate through very tiny places and sucking the material matter that is required to be got rid of. It should range from between 1mm to 3.5mm.