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Vaginal speculum

The Cusco Vaginal speculum is a reusable type of speculum. This is mainly used to properly view the cervix of the female. This gynecological instrument can be used even when the patient is assuming the left lateral position. This is used to take a satisfactory amount of cervical smear. This also aids in the insertion of other intrauterine device like the IUD. There are different sizes of a Vaginal speculum. The size is greatly determined by the doctor depending on the type and age of the patient. The Vaginal speculum used in virgin women is different than those who have multiple children. The age also determines the type of Vaginal speculum being used. This is mainly due to vaginal structure. The vaginal illustration of younger patient is different than those in older women. Hence, the type of Vaginal speculum being used depends on the discretion of the gynecologist. The Cusco Vaginal speculum is also very useful in performing endoscopy. It is inserted in the vaginal opening as an aid in the performance of endoscopic procedure involving the female reproductive system, as well as the genitourinary system. Cusco Vaginal speculum comes in small, medium, and large. This instrument is basically made of stainless steel. This gynecologic instrument is mainly used in doing Pap smear, as well as other routine gynecologic examinations. There are different types of Cusco Vaginal speculum. There are those that can be use repeatedly after proper sterilization, and there are also those disposable types. There are also small, medium, large, and long. It is a medium type, center screw Vaginal speculum. The typical size of Cusco Vaginal speculum medium type is 80 mm in length by 22 mm in width. The small type of Cusco Vaginal speculum which is small in size and as a center screw is 75 mm in length and 22mm in width. The large size has a length of 100 mm and width of 35 mm. It has a center screw. The price of the small size is $3.99, medium is $4.99, and large is $5.99