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Uterine Polypus Forceps

Uterine cancer is commonly found in women of older ages. The cancer can either be malignant or benign. The benign growth on the surface of ovaries is called an ovarian polyp. If the growth would have to be removed, one of the options which gynecologists consider is uterine polypus forceps.

Polyps come in the form of two types; these may be sessile or pedunculated. Polyps are not always dangerous or damaging to the health; some do not cause any kind of symptoms either however there are some which might cause difficulties and would have to be removed with the help of gynecological instruments.

There are many existing methods with which gynecologists can determine if a polyp is present on the ovaries or not. Some imaging tests which may be conducted are x-rays and ultrasounds which help in providing the gynecologist with information as to how big the polyp is, its shape and what kind it may be. Having knowledge about these factors will help determine whether the use of uterine polypus forceps is acceptable and safe. In order to diagnose the ovarian polyp correctly, women are encouraged to make regular trips to their gynecologist and have pap smears conducted.

There are many different symptoms which are associated with ovarian polyp’s which will be different depending on its size and where it is located. When women have small ovarian polyp’s present, they may not experience any kind of symptoms and it is only when routine exams may be conducted that the doctor would come to know about these which is why regular visits to the gynecologists are always recommended. If large polyps may be present, symptoms may include cramps in the abdomen along with some bleeding. This bleeding does not relate to menstrual bleeding and it is often much heavier.

Polyps can be taken out using many methods. One of the methods which doctors may opt for is making use of gynecological instruments, specifically the uterine polypus forceps. If the removal is likely to be much more complicated, surgeries such as hysterectomy would have to be performed. If the surgery is likely to remove small sized polyps, it is usually done on outpatient criteria. Instructions are then provided to the patient to limit their activity for the next couple of days and pain medication may also be prescribed. A biopsy may also be conducted after the polyps are removed. This would be done to determine whether the polyps are malignant or not. Malignancy is generally very rare with polyps but testing the polyps is part of the patient’s health and safety.

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