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Uterine Depressors

There are a variety of gynecological instruments which are used when surgeries and examinations may be being performed. Amongst the variety of these instruments, uterine depressor is also made use of.

A uterine depressor is an instrument which is used to displace the woman’s uterus from its position. This may be done so with the help of facilitating the tissue which may be surrounding the uterus. It can also be done by compressing the tissue or by excision of the tissue surrounding the uterus. A uterine depressor is a gynecological instrument which is usually held by the gynecologist when performing either of three processes on the tissue. The process which may be used will depend on which method is safest for the woman’s health as well as which will cause the least amount of discomfort.

A uterine depressor is a handheld instrument which is normally made using metal. The metal used to make a uterine depressor is high in quality because it would have to be sterilized after being used on every patient. Sterilization exposes instruments to high temperatures and only the best kind of metal is to be used if the instrument has to withstand these kinds of temperatures. Blacksmith surgical ensures that the materials used for making gynecological instruments such as uterine depressors is of the highest kind. This is done so to ensure that the instrument remains intact during and after sterilization. Blacksmith surgical manufactures instruments by making use of only the best of materials and the process of manufacturing takes place under the strictest of conditions to ensure the maintenance of high quality.

A uterine depressor may have both sides made in a way so that both could be used or there may only be one side which would have to be used. Some of the reasons for which a uterine depressor may be used consist of the removal of a tumor from the uterus for example and any procedure which may be associated with the uterus.

A uterine depressor is a gynecological instrument which helps in providing the right amount of access to the surgeon and to give correct visualization of the surgical site when the procedure is being performed. These depressors can be found in a number of sizes and shapes. Depending on the kind of procedure is being performed; the appropriate depressor would have to be used. Gynecology is not the only field in which a depressor may be used; doctors may also make use of a depressor known as a tongue depressor for example when an oral exam may be conducted.

Uterine depressors are usually likely to be reused however if they are done so, they can be reused for a very small span of time. Most surgical depressors can withstand sterilization and last for long and can be used to hold onto any kind of tissue and/or organ. However with the uterine depressor this may not be the case since it is used to evaluate the condition of the organ before the surgery actually takes place.