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Tenaculum Forceps

Tenaculum forceps are gynecological instruments which are used to grab a hold of tissues. It is type of locking forceps which holds itself in the place it has been locked into. Tenaculum forceps allow tissues to be held in a steady manner while the surgical procedure may be conducted. It also ensures that no tissue gets in the surgical site and it also helps in manipulating the tissues as and when needed. There are a variety of tenaculum forceps which are available and each may serve a different purpose and hence be made differently.

The tenaculum forceps have long and narrow handles which are attached onto hooks. The hooks are fastened onto the tissue which needs to be examined and the handles are locked into place once the hooks are safely attached to the tissue which needs to be examined and the required position has also been obtained.

Tenaculum forceps are very commonly used to stabilize a woman’s cervix while a medical procedure is being performed. These forceps also come under the category of gynecological instruments and allow the gynecologist to easily see the cervix. Tenaculum forceps which are to be used for gynecological purposes may be manufactured using plastic or steel. Steel forceps can be sterilized and hence can be re-used where those forceps which are made with plastic are only intended to be used once on a single patient. These are disposed of when the exam/procedure is over with the patient. Blacksmith surgical manufactures both kinds of tenaculum forceps along with other kinds of gynecological instruments. These instruments are made using the best plastic and steel so that when being used, they are comfortable for the patient as well as easy for the surgeon to work with. Blacksmith surgical has been a leader of these instruments and focuses on providing the best quality to its customers.

Anesthesia is generally provided to the patient who is undergoing a procedure which makes use of the tenaculum forceps. There are times when the patient may be left to remain awake but a local anesthesia is still provided so that the insertion and the removal of the gynecological instrument are not felt. Along with anesthesia, medication is also provided to the patient so that he/she can remain relaxed throughout the procedure.

It is quite common that patients may feel the instruments which surgeons and doctors use on them but using the right type of forceps will ensure that the entire procedure is conducted smoothly and without any discomfort. If the incorrect instruments are made use of, tissue can be severely damaged which will further cause infection and increase the time in which healing may take place. Only the right kind of instruments should be used depending on the procedure being conducted and only trusted manufacturers should be approached to purchase medical supplies. Blacksmith surgical has a large customer database which shows just how great their gynecological instruments and other instruments are. Made with high quality materials, these instruments are manufactured and delivered to the customer in the most professional and safe manner.