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Stitch Scissors

Surgical scissors are used by surgeons and doctors while operating or while conducting medical procedures. Stitch scissors are those surgical scissors which are used while performing a suture/stitch or while removing one.

Stitch scissors are made using stainless steel since this is one material which is strong and long lasting. There are different grades of stainless steel which is available as well and only the best grade stainless steel should be used in making these instruments which is exactly what you will find at Blacksmith surgical. Every instrument here is made using the best quality material to ensure durability and efficiency.

Stitch scissors are like surgical scissors and they are made different from normal scissors in the sense that they have a variety of blades so that each can be used for a different medical procedure. The blades of the stitch scissors are made appropriately to be able to cut away any skin from the wound which needs to be sutured up.

The blades for surgical and stitch scissors can be either canted, curved and straight and the blades can also be sharp or blunt depending on the purpose for which the scissor is intended. Stitch scissors have blades which are not very sharp as the blade is only required to cut the stitch once it has been removed by the hooked shape point on the other blade or to cut the thread once the stitch has been made.

Stitch scissors are used by a variety of doctors and surgeons. Since the main purpose of the stitch scissors is to perform/remove stitches, it comes under the category of all kinds of instruments such as gynecological instruments, ENT instruments, and orthopedic instruments for example. ENT doctors make use of these scissors to stitch up any three of the areas they deal with; the ear, nose and throat. Similarly a gynecologist also makes use of the stitch scissors after having delivered a baby.

Since surgical instruments need to be handled with care and must be controlled easily while in use, stitch scissors come in a variety with some having padded handles for example for surgeons to be able to hold them with ease. Some of them even have handles made in such a way so that right and left handed surgeons both can make use of these scissors. Each of these kinds will be easily available for you at Blacksmith surgical as they have some of the best instruments for use. Blacksmith surgical ensures that the scissors are designed in such a way that no bacteria can hide in the instrument. The scissors are also tested under quality control to ensure that customers always get the best.

Stitch scissors are commonly accompanied with other instruments such as needle holders, bandages, bandage cutting scissors, needles to make sutures, dressing and so forth. Scissors also depend on the number of sutures which need to be done. All your suturing needs can be met at Blacksmith surgical where all instruments are found in the best quality and are of the highest standard.