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Sponge Holding

Sponge holding forceps or sponge forceps as they may be called are instruments which are used by doctors to hold on to sponges and/or swabs while conducting their medical procedure. Sponge holding forceps are usually made in the shape of a scissor. The jaws of these forceps can either be serrated or they may be smooth. The handles are ratcheted as well as looped. Sponge holding forceps can either be curved or they may be straight; the shape is different for each individual purpose for which they may be used.

Sponge holding forceps are commonly nine inches in length i.e. 18-23 centimeters. The jaw of the sponge holding is usually rounded and to be able to use the instrument for delicate and fragile operations, the tips may even be elongated. With the help of sponge holding forceps, surgeons are able to perform minor operations without causing much damage to the patient. It is also helpful in ensuring that not much of a scar remains once the procedure is over. Sponge holding forceps are used in every surgery which is performed since sponges and swabs are used for every surgery. Sponge holding forceps come under the category of gynecological instruments, surgical instruments, dentistry instruments and every other division within the medical field.

Most surgeons prefer to use sponge holding forceps since they do not cause a lot of damage while surgery is being conducted. Tissue can be held and moved around easily and with precision which is why these instruments come in handy to the surgeon. These instruments also help in preventing and reducing the likelihood of trauma to the patient.

Gynecology is amongst the most common field in which sponge holding forceps are made use of. These forceps are used for the process of sterilization for example when an intrauterine device may be being inserted. Within the category of these gynecological instruments, curved forceps are the kind which is normally recommended to be used for this purpose. At times when an abortion is conducted, the forceps may also be used to keep the uterus and the cervix in place along with being able to inspect the cervix and remove tissue appropriately after the operation is over.

Sponge holding forceps come under the category of gynecological instruments since this is one field which makes use of these forceps. However, the usage of sponge holding forceps is not only limited to gynecology. Sponge holding forceps may be used while other procedures are conducted as well and may be used to hold cotton balls, sponges, gauze and any other material which may be required during the surgical procedure.

There are many non surgical procedures as well in which sponge holding forceps may be used. These instruments come in handy when an exam may be performed by a doctor as they help in holding back the bladder and the cervix during the exam. At times, sponge holding forceps can also be used as a clamp to stop excessive bleeding. The type of forceps to be used will depend on the procedure. All kinds of sponge holding forceps however can be found at Blacksmith surgical. They have products for every medical division and each is made keeping in mind quality and efficiency.