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Spencer Well Forceps

Spencer well forceps are a kind of artery forceps which are used for every surgery and operation. This instrument is a very useful instrument since it is used in isolating vessels and bleeding points. It is also used to hold on to the edges of the muscles or in areas where there may be a large amount of scar tissue. It is also used to hold on to those areas where the surgery is to be performed and incisions need to be made. Spencer well forceps also come under the category of gynecological instruments since this instrument holds on to the umbilical cord before it is cut, similar to what is done in a normal delivery procedure.

These Spencer well forceps are not only used in gynecological surgery but they are also a vital part of abdominal surgeries. These instruments were first introduced in the medical field in the year 1879. These instruments were used to seal off blood vessels and to keep arteries out of the way while a surgery was taking place. They were also useful to compress an artery. The person who first introduced these forceps initially wanted that the gaps between the forceps handles be eliminated so that tissues and arteries would not be entangled. Hence, along with this the forceps jaws were also made to become shorter and were made with stronger and ridged teeth so that the compression of the forceps and its grip both became much better. Compression would be helpful in sealing blood vessels off permanently. This is one of the reasons why the Spencer well forceps are used in every surgery, especially within gynecology. Not only are the Spencer well forceps used to deal with smaller blood vessels but they are also useful in stitching larger blood vessels.

Artery forceps are also known as hemostats and sometimes referred to as a clamp. Another use for the Spencer well forceps is that they come in handy when people have had a large amount of blood loss due to some accident or trauma. Due to this, the Spencer well forceps are kept in every ambulance and emergency room so that the instrument can be used to seal off blood vessels quickly and hence stop the blood flow.

When pregnant women lose their baby, there is blood loss involved which needs to be controlled. This is when the Spencer well forceps may be used so that the blood vessel can be stitched up to stop the excess of blood flow.

All kinds of artery forceps including the Spencer well forceps come with a lock. This lock is an essential element of the instrument since it ensures that the surgeon is able to maintain a good grasp on the vessel while he is conducting the surgery. With the help of locks, surgeons can also leave on more than one Spencer well artery forceps on the patient’s blood vessel to stop further blood flow and blood loss. Spencer well forceps can be found at Blacksmith surgical which is a pioneer in gynecological and surgical instruments. Made with the best materials, the instruments by Blacksmith surgical are known for their quality and high standards.