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Specimen Forceps

Specimen forceps are forceps which have handles resembling scissors. These specimen forceps are made use of to grab on to and extract any kind of tissue sample or specimen during any kind of medical procedure. Specimen forceps are generally very long and have serrated blades.

Forceps are surgical instruments which all fields of medicine make use of. Depending on the purpose for which the forceps may have to be used, the appropriate instrument is selected. Specimen forceps are gynecological instruments since they are typically used in the field of gynecology. These can be used to extract samples of tissue from the vaginal cavity and may even be helpful to surgeons while the delivery of a baby is being conducted.

Forceps such as the specimen forceps can either be handheld, self retaining, those which can be reused after use or those which would have to be disposed of after being used once.

Forceps are used to deal with tissue in general. They may be used on to grab a firm hold of tissue, apply traction on tissue and may even be used to grab a hold of those objects which would be difficult to get a hold of otherwise. When gynecologists need to take samples from the vaginal cavity, it becomes impractical to do so using their fingers which is why forceps such as specimen forceps may be made use of to retrieve the required tissue. These forceps tend to have two sides which are either joined together or may even be separated. These handles are attached on to blades which are used during the medical procedures.

Specimen forceps such as the Baggish Biopsy Specimen Forceps are forceps which are used to extract tissue sample from the cervix so that biopsy may be performed to check whether or not cells inside the cervix are cancerous. Other similar kinds of specimen forceps include the Eppendorfer biopsy specimen forceps and the Kevorkian pacific biopsy forceps. Each may be used to take out samples of tissue from the cervix. These gynecological instruments have scissor like holes for the surgeon to insert his fingers in or they could be large handles for a proper grip. This depends on the purpose for which the instrument is likely to be used. The blade is usually very long and generally rages between 8 inches and 10 inches.

Specimen forceps are used not only by gynecologists but by other surgeons from different medical fields as well since it allows them to take samples of tissue and specimen to conduct further tests. It is also helpful in cutting portions of inner organs for testing. When looking for different kinds of specimen forceps and gynecological instruments, Blacksmith surgical is a company which should be approached. Blacksmith surgical has a range of gynecological instruments made with the best quality of steel and plastic which can be found. All instruments are manufactured under strict guidelines which ensure that each instrument works efficiently and is durable. Blacksmith surgical pays immense importance to quality and with the help of great instruments, they have been able to make surgical tasks much easier and simpler.