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Pinard Stethoscope

Just as a stethoscope is used to hear the heartbeat of patients who go in for a checkup, a stethoscope is also needed to be able to hear the heartbeat of the fetus while it may be inside the womb. Such a stethoscope is called a pinard stethoscope and it allows individuals to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus. This is only possible halfway since the pregnancy began. Stethoscopes are also used to detect and listen to the baby’s heartbeat however there are times when the regular stethoscope may not be able to determine the fetal heartbeat. Rather than getting panicked, the pinard stethoscope is used to find and listen to the heartbeat of the fetus.

The pinard stethoscope is particularly helpful when expensive tools such as ultrasound machines may not be available. It is therefore a gynecological instrument which allows the heartbeat to be heard in a quick and easy manner. At times, parents too wish to hear the heartbeat of their child and the pinard stethoscope is the best way to do so.

The pinard stethoscope is designed in such a way that a bell is situated at one end of the instrument. The bell part of the pinard stethoscope is what is placed against the pregnant womans belly. The instrument may also come with a chin rest which allows the listener to support his/her head. The bell is then connected to earpieces with the help of tubes which help in magnifying the sound of the baby’s heartbeat. Before the family/spouse is allowed to listen to the heartbeat, the gynecologist locates the back of the fetus and places the instrument and then hands it over to the family to have a listen. The instrument can also be moved around so that the best sound can be achieved.

It is quite often that the heartbeat of the fetus may be hard to determine since it is quite faint. If the heartbeat is not felt the first time, the instrument can be readjusted until the sound is achieved. If there are other people present in the room, it would also help to get them to quiet down so that the sound can be deciphered. At times, it is not outside noises which do now allow the heartbeat to be heard. Instead, sounds present inside the mother can also be a problem.

Parents sometimes tend to take pinard stethoscopes with him home so that they can hear the sound of the babys heartbeat. Prior to using it, instructions can be attained from medical professionals on how the instrument can be made use of. At times, the pinard stethoscope allows the parents to detect changes in the heartbeat of their baby. If this occurs, the doctor should immediately be informed so that further checkups can be conducted to see if there is something wrong with the fetus.

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