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A pelvimeter is an instrument which is used by gynecologists to measure how deep and wide the pelvis is.

A pelvimeter is a gynecological instrument which is specifically used in the procedure known as pelvimetry. Pelvimetry is a procedure in which the gynecologist examines the woman’s pelvis and this examination is correlated to the process of delivery and labor. The main aim of pelvimetry is to determine whether or not a normal birth procedure would be adequate for the delivery of the baby or whether a caesarean would be required.

The use of the pelvimeter in pelvimetry has is very common and is made use of quite frequently. It is an instrument which helps in determining whether or not it would be safe for the woman to be a part of spontaneous labor if the need may be there. When the woman’s pelvis is too small, gynecologists recommend going with the caesarean delivery procedure rather than delivering the baby in a natural way. There has been much research conducted on the issue of whether or not the procedure of pelvimetry is a successfully diagnostic tool.

Before a woman gives birth to a baby, her pelvis, due to hormones tends to become loose which is why when the woman is squatting, she can give birth to a large baby. If a woman is lying down on her back with her legs elevated, she is likely not to push a large baby out. All of this depends on the amount of space which is available for the woman to push out her baby. By knowing just how much space there is available in the woman’s pelvis, gynecologists can then decide which method of delivery is likely to work. The two positions mentioned are usually appropriate for a woman who has a larger pelvis and who is opting for natural birth. At times, even when women want to deliver their baby naturally, it is not possible due to the size and depth of the pelvis. Hence, surgeons then recommend opting for the caesarean method of delivery since the woman does not have to push out her baby in this method.

The size of the pelvis which is determined by the pelvimeter not only comes in handy for procedures related to birth and delivery. It also helps in determining what procedures and instruments would be better off for a woman with a small or large pelvis since not all gynecological instruments can be used on either of these kinds of pelvises.

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