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Ovum Forceps


Forceps are those surgical instruments which are used to grab onto things and to move objects from within the body as and when needed. This particular instrument may be used when the fingers are larger than the item which needs to be grabbed onto or the objects being held need to be dealt with one at a time. This is when forceps are used. They are handheld instruments which are used in every field of medicine which help surgeons and doctors to deal with very small objects which cannot be held using the fingers. Ovum forceps are a kind of forceps however these are gynecological instruments since these deal with performing abortions if they may be required. An abortion may be conducted if the fetus is no longer living inside the uterus or the presence of the baby inside the uterus may be harmful for the health of the mother and the baby, both.

see Ovum forceps not only are used to perform abortions but they are also used to remove any kind of placental pieces which may be in the uterus. Other names for the ovum forceps are clamps or a hemostat.

Since most gynecological instruments and other surgical instruments are often sterilized so that they can be reused, ovum forceps are also made using the best possible carbon steel. By making instruments with such heavy metal, it is ensured that these instruments will be able to bear the high temperatures in which they are sterilized. Since forceps are essential instruments for use, they are made using high grade steel however other forceps may be made using steel which may be of a low quality. Some gynecologists also prefer to use ovum forceps which can be easily disposed. This kind are made out of plastic and are used only once on an individual patient and then discarded. This reduces the likelihood of infections and the spread of diseases. When looking for good quality gynecological instruments which you can use with having the confirmation that they are going to be the best, Blacksmith surgical is the company you want to deal with. Blacksmith surgical have instruments which are made using high grade steel and plastic, depending on the kind of instrument it may be.

Ovum forceps are available in those which can be locked and those which cannot be. Forceps of these kinds usually have other varieties within these two categories as well. The non locking forceps come in two kinds; those which are hinged at one of the ends and those which may be hinged only in the center. Locking forceps on the other hand are usually hinged in the middle only and then there are some forceps which have hinges which are close to the end from which they are going to be held on to by the surgeon using them. The locking forceps allows objects to be grasped easily in a closed position so that they can then be manipulated and stay in place while the procedure is being performed.