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Obstetrical Forceps

Forceps are instruments which are used in surgery to grab onto any organ inside the body, to remove anything from the body or to maneuver things in the body or bring it out. Obstetrical forceps are used to deliver a baby.

One of the methods in which a baby is taken out of a woman’s womb at the time of delivery is by making use of the vacuum extraction method. The other method consists of making use of the gynecological instrument called obstetrical forceps. These forceps are helpful in the delivering of the head of the baby and hence being able to take out the entire baby.

Obstetrical forceps come in various shapes, lengths, weights and the performing action can be done with various mechanisms. Each of these types of obstetrical forceps can easily be found at Blacksmith surgical, a company that is a pioneer in delivering high quality and excellent grade surgical instruments.

Each of these obstetrical forceps has a blade, a shank and a handle. The shank of the instrument needs to be long so that the blade can easily reach inside the womb and grab on to the fetus head. The blade is normally curved and sometimes comprises of an opening. Since obstetrical forceps are used in a number of conditions, each forceps is designed specifically to be used in particular situations. Each of these kinds of obstetrical forceps can be found at Blacksmith surgical. Some of the factors which affect the selection of the obstetrical forceps consist of the how big the fetus is, the position of the baby’s head in relation to the mother’s pelvis, how far the fetus is away from the pelvis and of course, and the kind of forceps the surgeon himself would like to use.

There are two specific kinds of obstetrical forceps which can be found. The first category is that of English forceps which are also referred to as short forceps and the other kind are known as the All American forceps which are the long forceps. The English forceps are used when the baby’s head has descended and has come close to the mother’s pelvis. It is then that these short forceps are used to grab a hold of the baby’s head. The long forceps are used when the baby is still quite inside the womb and further away from the pelvis. Using this particular kind of obstetrical forceps, the surgeon can easily reach the head of the fetus. Both long and short forceps are used in various parts of the world. In the United States and the United Kingdom, short forceps are more commonly used whereas in the rest of the world, long forceps are more dominant.

Whichever kind of obstetrical forceps you are looking for, you will be able to find the best grade quality of forceps at Blacksmith surgical. The material used in making these forceps ensures that the instruments will be long lasting. Before any instrument is sold to you, it passes under quality control tests which are why you always get the best!