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Morris Retractor

A retractor is a surgical instrument which is used to spread out as well as separate portions of the skin and tissue. It helps in holding back any organs which may be coming in the way of a surgical site and it also helps in spreading the edges of incisions apart. A Morris retractor is a type of retractor which is used by surgeons and gynecologists so that they can work in the deep layers of the patient. The Morris retractors are particularly used when abdominal incisions are made as well closed. Making use of such a retractor is important for the surgeon as it allows them to work with a clear vision and to be able to move inside the body cavity and repair whatever needs it.

source link A Morris retractor helps in keeping the incision open and to keep the skin and tissue away from the bones and the organs while surgery is being performed, allowing the surgeon to go deeper into the surgical site without having to constantly face tissue and skin.

A retractor such as the Morris retractor is usually curved. The handle of the retractor is made in a manner to provide the surgeon with the utmost grip and for the instrument to be comfortable while being used. There are some Morris retractors which are double ended as well and hence can be used from either side. A retractor may have to be held in place by the surgeon or his assistant or it could even be placed onto the surgical field.

There are different ways in which a retractor is used. It may be used as a spreader such as in the case of a rib spreader which allows the surgeon to make an incision and then widen the incision with the help of the retractor. For example, gynecologists may make use of a Morris retractor when they are performing a caesarean delivery. Since the gynecologist needs to make a cut on the abdomen so that the baby can be delivered, a Morris retractor is made use of so that the incision can be spread further and the gynecologist can then work inside to get the baby out. Hence, the Morris retractor is also a gynecological instrument.

Morris retractors are used by a large number of people within the medical field such as hospitals, nursing homes-to be used as gynecological instruments as well as health care centers. Common procedures involving the abdomen require the use of a Morris retractor along with other instruments which are made use of.

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