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Green Armytage Peritoneum Forceps

The peritoneum is a sheet of thin tissue/membrane which lines the pelvic and the abdominal cavity. The peritoneum also covers the organ surfaces. When the tissue of the pelvic is to be separated so that the surgeon can easily conduct the procedure, the Green Armytage peritoneum forceps may be used. These forceps are specifically used by gynecologists and hence this particular forceps come under the category of gynecological instruments.

The peritoneum consists of blood vessels and lymph’s which run throughout the peritoneum. This sheet of tissue produces lubricating fluid which is what allows the various organs to move. The lining of the organ walls is known as the parietal layer. The visceral layer is the name given to that part which covers the abdominal organs as well as the pelvic. The green armytage peritoneum forceps may be used to spread apart either of these linings which cover the pelvic and abdomen.

The pelvic cavity as well as the abdominal cavity contains many organs which may be arranged together and these are all held together in place with the help of the peritoneum. The various linings are what prevent the organs from moving out of their place. If any disease does occur within the peritoneal cavity, it can spread very fast. Cancers which spread very fast usually start from this cavity and may spread up until the uterus and the vaginal cavity. When problems such as this occur, various instruments may be used by surgeons to diagnose the problem. In order to understand the problem and to spread apart the lining of the peritoneum so that clear visualization can be attained, the green armytage peritoneum forceps may be made use of.

The peritoneum is constantly supplied with nerves which are what makes it sensitive to pain. It is due to this purpose that if any disease or infection affects the peritoneum, pain may be felt immediately. The visceral lining on the other hand is not supplied very well with nerves which are why it gets difficult to pinpoint what the problem may be and why pain might be felt. This is why surgeons may make use of forceps such as the green armytage peritoneum forceps so that they can find where the infection/disease is so that the problem can be diagnosed and hence a plan of action can be determined.

Cancers are likely to begin in the peritoneum and spread quickly. Some of the cancers which begin in the peritoneum may affect areas such as the lungs, breasts, stomach or the ovaries. Ovarian cancer can prove to be dangerous for the ovaries and the uterus if the cells are malignant. Therefore a gynecologist should be visited frequently so that with the right gynecological instruments, any illness can be diagnosed before it gets prolonged.

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