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Cusco Vaginal Speculum

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A Cusco vaginal speculum is a gynecological instrument which is used to view a woman’s cervix properly. This instrument is one which can be reused.

The Cusco vaginal speculum is a gynecological instrument which can be used in a variety of situations. Even when the patient on whom this instrument is being used is in a left lateral position, the Cusco vaginal speculum can still be made use of and a sufficient amount of cervical smear can still be taken out.

This gynecological instrum

is available in a variety of sizes, each of which can easily be found at Blacksmith surgical. It also helps in inserting devices like the IUD and other intra uterine devices. The size and type of the instrument to be used will depend on the age of the patient and of course, the purpose for which the instrument is being used.

One of the uses of the Cusco vaginal speculum is that it can be used to perform an endoscopy. The speculum is placed inside the vaginal opening of the woman which helps the surgeon to perform the required endoscopic process. This process usually involves the female reproductive system and the genitourinary system which is why the vaginal opening must be expanded for the process to be conducted efficiently. This instrument is also used in regular gynecological exams as well as while conducting a Pap smear.

This gynecological instrument is made by Blacksmith surgical by making use of high quality stainless steel. The different sizes which Blacksmith surgical offer is small, medium and large. Whether you are looking for Cusco vaginal speculums which can be sterilized and re-used or you are looking for those which can be disposed after being used once, you will find each kind at Blacksmith surgical. The Cusco vaginal speculum which is used in a virgin woman is very much different than the instrument which is to be used in a woman who has had sexual intercourse and perhaps a couple of children as well. Hence a variety of Cusco vaginal speculums may be needed since the structure of the vagina is going to be different for each woman. Each of these kinds of instruments can easily be found at Blacksmith surgical. Depending on the age of the patient, the kind of instrument to be used would be left to the discretion of the gynecologist and/or surgeon.

The typical size of the Cusco vaginal speculum is 80 mm in length and 22 mm in width. The smaller size of the instrument comes in 75 mm in length with 22 mm in width along with a center screw. The largest size of the Cusco vaginal speculum is 100 mm in length and 35 mm in width and this too has a center screw. You can find each of these sizes at Blacksmith surgical without any hassle.

Blacksmith surgical aims to provide its customers with instruments which are appropriate to be used for every kind of procedure be it for gynecology, surgery, orthopedics or ENT. All types of gynecology instruments can be found here in the best kind possible.