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Cotton Applicator

see A cotton applicator is an instrument which is used by doctors in all kinds of surgeries. It is an instrument which is in the shape of a rod and has a cotton swab attached to one end. The rod may be made with wood or glass. The instrument is used to apply medicine to wounds or it may also be used to probe around crevices and areas where it may be difficult for the doctor to use his/her fingers.

One of the main uses for a cotton applicator is to take samples of substances such as tissue from within the body. It may also be used to apply medication to areas which have been wounded to ensure that it is done so in a healthy and hygienic way. Cotton swabs and applicators are made by many different companies however when looking for the best, Blacksmith surgical is the company you want to deal with. Every kind of instrument is available at Blacksmith surgical and each is made using the highest quality of material which ensures that customers only get the best for their treatment. Different types of cotton applicators are available depending on the purpose for which they may be required. Cotton applicators also come under the category of gynecological instruments since the instrument may be used to take a sample of tissue from the cervix to be tested.

A cotton applicator may also be used by patients themselves to apply medicine to infected areas. There are some cotton applicators which are specifically made in the sense that the rod is breakable and it needs to be broken so that the medicine from within it can be used. The medicine is released onto the tip of the cotton applicator making it possible to easily apply it on to infections, wounds, inflammations and other kinds of tissue. These kinds of cotton applicators which have pre-existing medicine are only sold on the basis of prescription.

A cotton applicator is perfect to be used in the genital areas, particularly those of a woman’s which is why a cotton applicator is also a gynecological instrument. Since the genital area is very small for the doctor to feel for abnormal objects, the cotton applicator can be inserted gently so that the tissue can be obtained, pushed or lifted; whichever may be required. Sometimes, the surgeon asks the assistant to hold on to the cotton applicator.

click here Different sizes of cotton applicators are available and each has their own individual purposes. The larger cotton applicators for example are generally used to clean out any fluids which may occur as a result of medical operations.

When looking for a variety of sizes, Blacksmith surgical is the best option you have. Blacksmith surgical is well known for the gynecological instruments and other surgical instruments which are needed by the medical field. Every instrument is kept safe and hygienic while it is being manufactured and after the manufacturing process, proper packaging of the instruments is ensured to keep them clean and sanitary.