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Auvard weighted vaginal speculum

Amongst the different kinds of vaginal speculum which are used in vaginal exams and procedures, the auvard weighted vaginal speculum is the most common and standard gynecological instrument.

A vaginal speculum is a gynecological instrument which is used by doctors to conduct pelvic exams on women. There are different types of speculums available and each may be named after the area of the body where they may be used. The auvard weighted vaginal speculum is called thus since it is used inside the vagina. It comes with a weight which can be separated for use. This speculum has one blade and it helps in keeping the vagina open so that the gynecologist can work with both hands free.

When a pelvic exam is being conducted, gynecologists tend to use the auvard weighted vaginal speculum which is made out of steel so that these can be sterilized and reused however vaginal speculums may also be available in plastic as well which can be used once and then disposed.

When the exam is being performed, the patient is asked to lie her back down on the exam table and have her knees bent. The feet go into the stirrups which are attached on to the table. The gynecologist then inserts the auvard weighted vaginal speculum while it is closed. Once inside, the auvard speculum is opened and the blades are separated and this allows the gynecologist to have a proper vision of what the cervix looks like. A screw may also be attached to the speculum which allows the blades to remain separated throughout the procedure so that the surgeon can carry on with the work. The auvard weighted vaginal speculum is particularly helpful for the gynecologist as it allows him/her to perform other actions using both hands as none is occupied in holding on to the gynecological instrument.

Speculums are used in other field of medicine as well however each may have its own use and would hence be manufactured in a way to fit that particular area of the body. The auvard weighted vaginal speculum for example can only be used in expanding the vaginal cavity so that the surgeon can easily see what the problem may be if the patient is experiencing some abnormal bleeding or pains. It is also used when a general pelvic exam may be conducted so that the health of the patient’s uterus can be examined and it can be checked whether the internal female reproductive system is functioning properly. Pelvic exams which make use of the weighted speculum are more common amongst gynecologist because it allows them to conduct other actions while the cervix remains open with the instrument.

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