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Allis Tissue Forceps 4x5 Teeth

Tissue forceps are those surgical instruments which are used to hold on to tissue so that it can perform the required function in the body and while the surgery is being performed. Allis tissue forceps with 4x5 teeth are tissue forceps which are used to grab on to tissue or to retract it. The forceps have serrated jaws and have blades which curve towards the inside. The instrument comes with a ratcheted handle and is made specially to grab a hold of tendons and fascia.

Fascia is a length of connective tissues, also called fibrous tissues which are found around organs such as nerves, blood vessels, bones and muscle. Fascia is what provides support and structure to the body’s organs inside and it can also be seen as a type of defense which helps in preventing infection. In order to reach the surgical site, surgeons need to move around this fascia and they are able to do so with Allis tissue forceps, preferably the one with 4x5 teeth.

A tendon which is the second thing which the Allis tissue forceps hold on to is another kind of fibrous tissue. The main purpose of a tendon is connecting muscles to the bones which then allow the tendons and the muscles to work together, providing extra support to the body and avoiding extra force.

Allis tissue forceps can be found in various sizes and shapes. Depending on the type of medical procedure to be conducted, the surgeon will select which type of Allis tissue forces to use. The 4x5 teeth are usually appropriate to be used in gynecology and hence this forceps also comes under the category of gynecological instruments. Allis tissue forceps are usually meant to be re-used after being sterilized which is why it is made using high quality steel.

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Allis tissue forceps are typically found in sizes which range from 5 inches to around 10 inches. The teeth and size of the blades also depends on which surgical procedure is making use of the Allis tissue forceps. The size of the tissue forceps used also depends on the surgical procedure being conducted.

The blades and jaws of the Allis tissue forceps are usually designed serrated. The jaws are made in such a way that the body tissue can be grabbed onto firmly yet without causing any sort of damage. The forceps also allow the surgeon to be able to move or retract any part of the tissue. Retracting the fascia is quite common and necessary to a great extent when surgery is being performed on internal organs. It allows the surgeon to get a clear view of the surgical site and to be able to work on the internal organs as required.

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