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Tongue depressors

A follow url tongue depressor is a tool used by ENT specialists. The ENT instrument looks like a typical Popsicle stick that is made from wood. The tool pushes the tongue back, so that the doctor can check the condition of the tonsils and the palate. A tongue depressor may seem like a simple device; however, it is very useful for diagnostic purposes. This ENT tool helps the doctor detect infection or sores in the palates. Serious problems in the tonsils may be prevented with early detection of the condition of the palate.

A tongue depressor is a wooden tool that is used to press on the patient’s tongue. The ENT specialist can check any problem in the palate when he uses this ENT instrument. This tool is disposable because of the type of material it has. You can find this tool not only in ENT clinics. Pediatricians and physicians also use a tongue depressor in checking for possible infections in the palate. The tool is less than half an inch in width, and it may be a few inches in length. The size of tongue depressors is standard.

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