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Ethomoid forceps

Ethmoid forceps are important tools that ENT doctors use in surgical procedures. The source link ENT instrument is useful during the examination of the inner portion of a patient’s nose. This nasal tool or equipment helps the doctor locate any foreign body in the nose. The ethmoid forceps have other purposes such as putting cotton or swabs in the nose of the patient. The swabs can prevent further bleeding of the arteries. There forceps are also very useful during surgical and other medical procedures in the nose.

The ethmoid forceps have a sturdy and stainless steel body. The forceps have handles where you can fit in your thumb in one hole, and your forefinger in the other hole. The handle of this ENT instrument resembles that of a pair of scissors. You will also notice that the enter ethmoid forceps have a long and very thin body. The thin body enables the doctor to fit the forceps inside the patient’s nose. The ends of the forceps are made up of two round surfaces. The tips are safe to use in the inner nose, and these will not cause discomfort to the patient.

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