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The Various Medical Industry Organizations That Regulates the Cleaning Of Surgical Instruments

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Written by Thursday, 26 March 2015 04:33;
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The medical industry has highly regulated the task of cleaning surgical instruments so as to protect the patients from ending up with any infections or diseases that can result by the use of contaminated tools. This is why the medical industry takes strict steps to ensure that the health care staff of any clinic or hospital is extremely vigilant towards the care and cleaning of its instruments.

If you want to learn about the various regulations that exist, this article will help you gain some knowledge on this.

To begin with, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instruments (AAMI) developed certain standards that are known as the 2006 ST - 79 standards which outline the rules to follow on sterilizing surgical instruments using steam. The document called AAMI ST - 81 sets the standards to follow when sterilizing reusable instruments. The document AAMI ST - 58 outlines the aspects to consider related to the subject of in - depth chemical disinfection.

The other organization that regulates the health industry by setting cleaning standards of surgical instruments is The Occupational Safety and Health Administration which is by the United States Department of Labor. This OSHA issued a document 29 CFR 1910.1030 sub part Z which outlines the specific precautions indented for the technical and cleaning staff of hospitals and clinics to ensure their protection from getting infected by surgical instruments that may carry diseases and infections. The OSHA gives strong rules and regulations governing the use of disposable gloves by doctors and patient handles when they are dealing with infected material. The OSHA also has set rules that proper training must be given on a yearly basis to the medical staff to keep them updated on the rules and regulations governing the proper disposal of contaminated waste.

The Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) is a body that looks after the health of both patients and nurses by stressing on cleaning and storing cycles of surgical instruments. The AORN has issued a document that gives thorough instructions on how to conduct the complete cleaning, sterilizing, and then transporting cycle for instruments to ensure that they are well looked after and properly cleaned. This is to avoid nurses from totally relying on sterilization to let that do the work. This document continuously stresses on the importance of this cycle to ensure that the patients are always safe from risks of possible contamination.

All these organization are regularly and actively looking into the various products and cleaning cycles being adopted in various hospitals and clinics. They are continuously researching and investigating increasingly efficient ways of conducting this whole process with minimum amount of risk and maximum results. This is why the medical industry is also equipped with proper cleaning solutions and machines for the cleaning of surgical instruments to make sure that doctors have the right cleaning equipment with them so that they can conduct the tasks the right way. Cleaning processes involve cleaning with an ultrasonic machine using special ultrasonic solution and then cleaning manually.

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