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Learn How to Extend the Life of Your Expensive Surgical Instruments

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Written by Saturday, 07 March 2015 00:00;
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Each year clinics, hospitals, and various doctors' offices purchase high quality surgical instruments that are worth thousands of dollars. This is a huge investment in this industry and that is the hospital administration has to take certain procedures to ensure the proper handling and care for these instruments so that their life can be extended.

When it comes to properly caring for these instruments the most important aspect is their cleaning. For this stage it is important that the surgical instruments are cleaned right after their usage. Otherwise the debris and blood from the patient can cause oxidation of the instruments if they are left for too long that they get dried up on them. This can cause serious damage to the instruments as the blades get dull and the springs and clamps are not able to tighten up as much as they are supposed to.

If you want to extend the life of your surgical instruments always make sure that you pack them well in a neutral pH cleaning solution and then into a plastic container right after they have been used. It is important that you let the instruments remain in this cleaning solution for at least 30 minutes. after that you have to take them out of the solution and fully rinse them with clean water. Then using a professional and clean towel, pat dry all your instruments.

When it comes to using an ultrasonic solution for cleaning, always go with the top ones available in the market or the ones that are normally used in most hospitals. Then fill up your ultrasonic cleaner with this solution by strictly following the instructions of the manufacturer. Now you have to place all you're rinsed and blot dried surgical instruments into this ultrasonic cleaner for almost 15 or 20 minutes. Once this is done, you again have to rinse them under clean water. Then place all the wet instruments on a clean and dry towel and then take another towel that is also dry and clean to blot up the surgical instruments placed.

If your surgical instruments have any cutting edges use a magnifying glass to closely inspect them along with other parts like the grooved edges around a needle holder or the hinged moving parts. If your scissors or other blades get dull, get a professional to sharpen them. If you have any instruments with you that can no longer be used, discard them immediately. Using a lubricant spray on hinged or moving parts is always advisable to keep the instruments working efficiently. This will help the surgeons in conveniently using them in surgeries and will avoid any clamping.

Finally get an autoclave bag for placing the surgical instruments in them and then secure this bag with special autoclave tape. This tape is unique because it has certain properties that help it turn from an orange color to brown color when it has reached the proper temperature for sterilization. This helps the technicians know that the instruments inside have also been sterilized. All these procedures will help you in extending the life of your instruments. For further visit Surgical Instruments

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